For a while I was thinking about whether I should make a morning beauty ritual video. You know. What products I use for my face to look fresh every day. People often tell me that I have such perfect skin, even though it’s not perfect at all. Even at 36 years old, I still get pimples if I don’t get my chocolate addiction under control. Since I was a teenager I have always used Nivea and yet it wasn’t really right for me. I then tried other products like Kiels but something was always missing or it didn’t feel soooo good as I hoped it would. And then I discovered Likami and since then I can’t do without it.

Likami is a natural cosmetics brand was developed in Belgium, and is mostly vegan, free of animal testing and not only uses the strength of nature, but also in harmony with it produces. Likami appealed to me immediately though and I’m loving it.

„Likami“ means „body“ in Icelandic. The creators of Likami were inspired by the nature, the strength and the beauty of the country.

I made a little beauty routine video last week using products from Likami (and Clearasil). A little peek how I like to start into the morning.

The cleansing milk is smooth and is part of the beginning of my face care routine.

The Facial Essential Serum (I know sounds very fancy), is not a classic serum, it’s like a light facial oil. It’s a MUST-HAVE and provides instant mental relaxation with its lovely scent. Personally it’s my superfood for my Face. I won’t leave the house without it.

At last I use the eye cream, it gives my eyes a natural glow and helps to reduce puffiness. Especially when I come home from the night shift and look in the mirror…. Help! haha 😅🙈 The eye area is smooth out and gives your face gives your face a glowing, more youthful look.

I can only recommend these products from Likami. They are the best.

In June, to celebrate Pride 🏳️‍🌈 Month, I was very proud to do a photo shoot for Likami together with my good friend Emel. Here is a small selection. All photos were taken by my dear Friend Jesca.Li.

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