Ja ich will – Ehe für Alle Song

Since Friday morning it’s official: The campaign „Ehe für Alle (engl. Marriage for All)“ releases the pop song „Ja ich will, (engl. Yes, I do)„. The LGBTQ activists have recruited Swiss pop stars for the campaign. On board: Adrian Stern, Dabu Fantastic, Zibbz, Caroline Chevin, Tiziana Gulino, Lucas Fischer, Nick Vega, Rislane, Idathehoney – and the Zurich queer choir „Chor Rosa„.

Even Romansch-speaking Swiss Musicians like Mattiu Defuns are represented. So it’s not only ‚Ja, ich will‘, but also ‚Gie, jeu vi‘, ‚Si, io voglio‘ and ‚Oui, je le veux‘:

the official Music Video to „Ja ich will“

My personal favorite lines in the lyrics: ‚Our love is so colorful, our love is real, even if it doesn’t always please everyone, we paint colors in this world‘.“ The song goes straight to the heart and you can feel this positive energy and love in the song. This will be definitely a Summer Hit. I can feel it.

This part of the lyrics shows the big challenge of us same-sex loving people: We feel real and we love real! However, we experience discrimination every day and that is very hurtful for many.“ The Song „Ja ich will“ aims to encourage all gays and lesbians to „live our love and fight for it.“ It is also an appeal to the population to finally make marriage for all possible.“

For the artists, it is not understandable why marriage for all has not existed for a long time. Adrian Stern recently said in an interview with 20 Minuten: „People always talk about the equality of all people, then marriage for all is simply part of it. I’m happy to help where I can.“

The song contains passages in every national language and is thereby to show diversity and unity.

The referendum on marriage for all will take place on September 26.

The Song is now available on all streaming platforms and on iTunes.

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