Free Guy Press Screening

Yesterday I was invited to a press screening event at Buckinski for the movie „Free Guy“ with Ryan Reynolds. It was the first time after a long time that I was back in the cinema.

The movie is about Guy (Ryan Reynolds), he lives the simple life of a cashier at the Free City Bank. He has a positive attitude and optimistic cheerfulness.

However, this joy of life suddenly changes Everything one day, because he discovers that he is nothing more than a background character of a video game.

However, you’ll have to find out for yourself what happens next in the movie.

I can only recommend the movie to you. An action-packed movie with funny gags, a great soundtrack and some unexpected collabs and hidden eggs. Also for non-gamers amongst you, a great entertainment.

Did I mention that Ryan Reynolds is in it… ? #guycrush 😍💪🏻😎

The movie is out today in the swiss german cinemas.

I would like to thank Karin from Passion for PR and 20th Century Studios for the invitation.

It was also great to meet some of my blogger friends & new blogger colleagues 💯👌🏻 

🍿 @vivienne.oesch
🍿 @legendary.mum
🍿 @chloe.roxane
🍿 @andreia_fashion_blog_
🍿 @the.magic.natasha
🍿 @ermel.nda
🍿 @hannahmilely
🍿 @alyschi__ & @michael_iten

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