Jacqueline Loekito X Tobias Gutmann: Avina

In July I got asked by my designer friend Jacqueline Loekito if I would like to walk for her fashion show. What a great honor. I love her fashion and of course I accepted. It is already the second time that I run as a model for a show. The first time was for my good colleague Alev Güngör, also a student of Jacky, where I was allowed to present her work on the catwalk in Basel at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW.

The show took place at Kannenfeld Park.

The Models arrived in Basel. Video by Dominikus Rambo Ghozali

A beautiful, large park with rose garden, water features and beautiful places to linger. Almost like „Alice in Wonderland“ you can get lost just as well. Already at 8:45am we all met in front of the park for the first rehearsal. Dylan and Sophie, who were responsible for the choreographies, explained us how the program looks like, gave us good inputs how to pose and the necessary skills for a good show. Afterwards we went for make-up and styling.

A room full of good vibes, great people I got to meet backstage and admire their work.

Afterwards we were photographed by Lucia Hunziker for the lookbooks. A little dream come true as I have always admired Lucia’s work. She is one of my top favorite photographers in Switzerland and it was a great pleasure to stand in front of her lens (even though I was a bit nervous at the beginning but tried not to show it).

It was a great atmosphere. All the crew and models I met that day I immediately took to my heart. We were like a little family and the outfits were magnificent.

Every piece of clothing tells a story. Each of us is a superstar and with this strong statement we got ready for the show.

Then at 2PM it was showtime.  I left all my thoughts and worries behind me.

I felt ready. My head was like this: Stay focus. Be Fierce. Be Proud. Be You.. and I nailed it. 

It was a dream and I enjoyed every single moment.

Here on this video you can watch all the looks and impressions of the show again. Enjoy

Here are more pictures during/after the fashion show, backstage views and screenshots from the social media.

I would like to thank Jacqueline once again for allowing me to participate in her show.Also a big thank you to all the people backstage, the whole makeup and styling team and every single person I met. It was a beautiful, precious day and I feel honored and blessed to be a part of this family.

by Lucia Hunziker @luciahunziker for @llhproductions


by Sophie Mercedes @studio.mercedes


Daria, Miel, Edwin, Brandy, Svetlana, Fatima, Glenn, Sara, Patric, Samantha, Dylan, Yves, Tobias, Rambo, Collin & Brutus.

Make up

Novry @n.v.y_beauty, Aprilia & Pendi @pendi_beauty_zone


Rubi, Nadya and Sherly

Styling assistants

Michelle @siliciumdioxid Nabila @nabishabba & Victoria

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