Sex like a Squirrel

What could be better on a beautiful sunny morning to lie in bed and listen to the birds tweeting outside. But there was another sound. A loud one from a squirrel… my neighbor and his new fling. They’re having sex again, wild sex (you could hear the bed squeaking and rattling the walls). Nothing was heard from his new lover. That women moan loudly during sex, we already know. But that some men give so loud and particularly high sounds of themselves, is new to me. Recently I heard that loud sex relaxes you.

Some say that loud sex is particularly wild and passionate. Loud sex should help to relax and thereby a deeper and more sensual connection should arise. If you have an erotic voice and tone of voice, you can make your partner want more with words instead of sounds.

I remember a guy who used to say „Yeah Daddy“ every time he said something. That was the absolute turn-off. Especially because I’m still too young to be called „Daddy“. You can also get really dirty during sex. Dirty talking. „Give it to me, stick it in. Do it to me, you horny slut… „Since the partner quickly becomes a hustler or a prick. But you shouldn’t take it personally, because it’s a kind of role play. And whoever sees his partner as a hooker, really has a problem !!!

I’ll tell you. With my next date I will be so really loud that the walls tremble and then pay it home to you.

Haha.. Just wait hehe

Happy Sunday, Guys Xo

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