„I want abs, but I just ate X” whilst posting a photo of your abs is not cute. Posting about your “dad bod” or being “thicc” when you’ve little body fat just to receive validation is not cute.

It’s damaging to people who don’t have that toned body. All we see in media is that body image of abs and toned Male bodies.

Illustration by Siobhan Noel

We are told we need this body. To post yourself with that body and effectively shame eating is damaging. It teaches people it’s wrong to enjoy food in pursuit of a hard earned “perfection”.

If you have that body, great! You own it and love it, that’s fantastic! But don’t shame eating, don’t pretend that you don’t have a certain body type just to get validation from others.

Illustration by Redina Designs

Own your body.

Love your body, don’t bring others down.

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