Do you know that moment when someone enters your life and in an unexpected way completely takes you off track? Well, not so extreme that I’m immediately on cloud nine. We spontaneously arranged to have a „midnight snooze“ at my house after work. 

I wasn’t aware of how long it had been since I had another date. However, the last one was in the fall of 2020 but, inviting someone over to my house has been a while. 

As soon as I got off work, I quickly ran to the bus and hurried home. My room was already neat, but still I had to clean it up a bit and take care of a few things. 

«Oh, I still have to take a shower». I quickly rushed to get in the shower. «Do you want me to shave? What if we have sex ? Is that necessary ?!» hundreds of thoughts flow through my head. «Shit, why am I stressing like this?» Either take me as I am or leave it alone. Have then agreed with the fact that it will not come to 99.99% to sex and so it remains. At least. I think. But I was not sure. Sure, I always plead to “not have sex” on the first date. but if it happens, it happens. After all, I am not a robot. 

Within 15min everything is ready. The room is clean, champagne is cold and ready and the doorbell rings. I was about to open the door and noticed ….. I have no pants on. I was in my boxers the whole time. Shit shit shit. My head is literally screaming for it. 

«Just a minute». I called out to him. Take a deep breath. Open the door. And there he stands. With a mischievous smile. 

I won’t tell you everything about how the date turned out. But it was very unexpected. We had great conversations about God and the world, laughed a lot and also had breakfast together the next day. 

We will definitely meet again. I am not yet imagining what will happen next.

I enjoy the moment.

Here and now and let’s see what comes next. 

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