Hello Zurich

Hello Zurich. Now a new chapter begins.

«Enjoy it», said a good friend of mine. «Grindr will explode now that you are officially a Zurich resident.» Me, on the other hand, I see the whole thing a little more critically. My dating life is actually at zero. I haven’t had a date in over three years. I have met 1-2 guys briefly, but then it was always «the spark has not jumped over» or «I did not know that you are an Asian». I know what you think. But people like that really do exist.

One of the stupidest excuses I once received in a club called Hive, when I was making out with a beautiful southern man and shortly before the exit he said: «You can kiss incredibly good and I’m up for more, but I can’t come to you. Because you are an Asian».

I mean, WTF? Just say directly that I’m not your type and don’t come up with such a racist excuse.

This is exactly why sometimes it’s hard for me to just date again. To risk coming back to such idiocies on head, to be insulted or even to come on rejection. But sometimes I still have to give myself a kick and just go out and take a chance.

Allowing yourself to date isn’t always easy when you’re not after the same thing. Some people just want to „fuck & go“, don’t talk much, don’t stay long, and just bang in quickly and goodbye. Honestly, I have no desire and no time for such  moves. 

Because my time is valuable to me. But it’s hard to find or meet someone who means it seriously. I also don’t want to date guys in open relationships. That just gives stress, especially if you are friends with their other partners and that is an absolute no-go for me. No matter how hot his boyfriend is.

Since I work as a Nurse I also have to honestly admit that I have also become too lazy to get involved in dating. I often work nightshifts and when I come home tired from work, I either just want to go to bed or watch something on Netflix and spend a little time for myself.

I am basically open to make new friends and also take time for it, but it should then already show clear interest on both sides and also want. Although I am now starting a new chapter and have the great opportunity to meet new guys, but I still want to wait and take my time. I’ve been single for 5 years and I’m not in a hurry to get involved in something new again.

I let myself surprise and enjoy the moment.

Now and here.


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