It took me a while to post this picture. I always had it on my mind to do it.

Everyone is talking about body empowerment. Love yourself, selfcare etc. l so do i. But when it comes to my own skin… I still holding back.

You never see me posting any topless pictures on insta like some of my friends. Was I afraid what others may think? Yes. I wouldn’t describe myself as „fat“ or „chubby“ but still I’m not that kind of guy who the community expected to be. I don’t have sixpack, i‘m not hairy (like i wish to be lol..). Sometimes i wear extra large shirts to hide my „babyfat“ so no one would notice or I blame my last surgery that I got lots of weight when actually that’s not an excuse. It took me a while to accept me for who i am. To love my own skin. Every inch.

There are not many guys on social media who are talking about their body empowerment. So let me be the one who will start this chapter. I got inspired by some men friends of me who posted some kind like these posts. But there is one Swiss Influencer who I don’t know in person, but inspired me to open up and speak out. Thank you ELAY NEAL MOSES for sharing your post and to people like us to speak out and stand up to ourselves. .

Its hard sometimes when you’re not that beefy or skinny look like to the some gay dudes you see on pictures in our gayscene or at our community. You always get judge and rejected. You’re never good enough. Sexy enough. Hairy enough. Something is always missing. But that ain’t true. I am enough. Just the Way I am. .

Like Mama RU (RuPaul) always taught Us: ☝🏻 IF YOU CAN‘T LOVE YOURSELF – HOW THE HELL YOU WOULD LOVE SOMEBODY ELSE ? ☝🏻 – and that‘s the truth..

Over the past few months, I learned more and more about myself. I found my inner circle. I found myself. The Guy i used to be and not hidden behind a wall or a fake name (like with LondonJamesZURICH before).

I am Me. I am Human. I am Beautiful. I am Gay. I am Proud of myself and nothing or no one can take that away for me.

3 Gedanken zu “Body.Positivity

  1. You be you ❣️ That is the most wonderful thing you can do. May you have support and give support. Life is not linear, but a circle, in which we all find our true selves and get rid of the lies, that we have to be (hairy, sixpacky, tall, small etc.) to feel free. Thank you for your courage.

    Gefällt mir

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