trust and listen.

Have you ever had a conversation like this in your head?

You: Ooooh, that __________ (Food, career, business idea, project, outfit, etc.) looks amazing. I want to try that.

Also You: Are you nuts? That’s so impractical. That’s too much. That’s impossible. That’s weird. Stay in your lane.

You’re too old/young/inexperienced/washed-up/Not good enough etc.

Just like that, you shut yourself down. You reject your own creative impulses and dreams before you’ve even had a chance to explore them. Besides missing out on some potentially life-changing adventures, there’s another more insidious consequence.  

You’re teaching yourself to ignore your inner voice — without even realizing it.

Your inner voice is that still, small voice within that exists to help guide and direct your life.

Your inner voice is wiser, kinder, and more intelligent than the whiny, repetitive, often negative mean-girl voice that blabs constantly in your head. 

Another name for your inner voice is your “gut feeling,” a bodily sense that can be hard to put into words but exists to help you navigate your way through any tough decision or way.

Trust in yourself.

Listen and believe in You.

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