Yesterday I was again on the road in Basel.

The reason I went back to Basel was that I was booked as a model for a fashion show. Now not to compare with „Switzerland’s Next Topmodel“, this was more in a small scale and was for the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland, „Doing Fashion“ Institute and my good friend Alev Güngör, I must honestly admit, I was already a bit nervous, since I have never walked for a fashion show. Although I have often watched Germany’s next Topmodel and looked closely at some up-and-coming models their runs, but to implement these tips exactly is easier said than done.

The fashion presented included a range of recyclable items that you know from everyday life. Old sofas, PET bottles, old fabrics and much more. My outfit was cut quite large, oversized. It reminded of a little boy wearing his father’s shirt to prove to everyone that you are now „grown up“ too. Sort of that style. The catwalk training was a bit complicated because the room is square and you didn’t know exactly where to go. Honestly, I also messed up several times and the hard part about the walk was that you had to walk through the guests and still stare them in the EYES.

Not easy. Just because I don’t like to stand in front of people, still have to present something. So it was a big challenge for me. But I stayed calm and didn’t let any nervousness show. After the outfits were tried on, make-up was applied and I was styled, then it was time. I was number 3 and had to hide behind the curtain. In order to get exactly on the same beat, we had to count in 20-second increments. At some point the runway coach said „just go“. So off I went and kept my „bitch please“ look (LOL).

It was an amazing feeling, I walked through the guests and kept everyone at eye level. One guest in particular with a beautiful beard, who turned out to be a jury member at a later time, was then in my focus and stayed and I stopped in front of him after 20 seconds of running time.

We both had to smile a bit. But to that point, my head merely thought, „What a handsome man.“ ☺️ The fashion show was a success, my colleague had received a compliment on her cast because we are all very different people and suitable for everyday life.

No regular professional models and that’s what made this show. In any case, it was an exciting experience and I was very happy about this opportunity.

Thank you Jacqueline Loekito for this picture

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