Real Talk

Once upon a time my heart was so broken I didn’t think I’d ever heal. I couldn’t breathe without it hurting. I couldn’t close my eyes without being assaulted by thoughts of him. I felt like someone had hollowed me out. Taken all of me that was vital, that was love, and filled the empty cavity with the dry ashy embers of my feelings.

And so I had to pull him out by the root. I couldn’t risk the dark tendrils creeping back into my life, into my heart. I thought I’d be raw and ruined forever.

I thought it would never be safe to even think of him, that life would never be as sweet again. That I’d wither without him.

But time passes. Wounds heal. Scars fade, until they’re just a silvery patina on your heart that tells the stories of your loves and losses.

And though I wouldn’t have believed it then… if I’m honest, I am happier with you gone.

Cause now I found my soulmate and I’m happier than ever.